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Sound massage with singing bowls originated over 5000 years ago in the Verdean healing arts and was seen holistically to reconcile, soul, mind and body. Our complex psychology can be affected by physical dysfunction and pain as well as our spiritual and emotional being. The sound therapy can help solve physical, mental and spiritual problems with the help of healing sounds which help to bring our body back into an harmonious order.
During the course of a singing bowl massage, then the individual bowls are placed on your body and gently played with a mallet. The vibrations emanating from the bowls spread pleasantly through your entire body and can help to relieve any existing blockages in the body.
Each bowl is unique, with its own vibration and sound. The transforming effect of sound brings inner peace, supports inner balance and encourages natural healing. The sound, pitch and resonance are determined by the size, shape and how thick the bowl is.
The soothing sounds promote deep relaxation, improved energy efficiency, stress relief and clarity of thought, which in turn can have a positive effect on your everyday life.
Try it once and enjoy a wonderful singing bowl massage.



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