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Iris Aura Shop

A special selection

We welcome you to our world of products and services inspired by love, harmony, spirituality and mental balance.

My new online shop is here!

I have had my practice in Mallorca since 2000 and my patients are always asking me about the products and articles I use in my practice. So now, in 2023, it is time to present these products and other selected items online in my Iris Aura Shop.


Our range includes a range of products and services to help you find your spiritual balance and bring your energies into alignment. From candles, necklaces, bracelets, massage oils, incense, creams, clothing, aura spray, to special ceremonies and much more, we offer everything you need for your spiritual practice.


Our energy work and holistic therapies are performed by experienced experts who can help you release physical and mental blockages and harmonise your energy field.


Our life counselling supports you to find clarity and orientation in difficult situations and to realise your full potential.


We pride ourselves on offering you only the highest quality products and services inspired by our own enthusiasm for the spiritual world and our love of nature and healing herbs.



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