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A Reiki treatment first begins with an introductory conversation in which we briefly explain what Reiki is, how Reiki works and looks like the end of the treatment. So you can relax better as you are informed about what "happened" is. From the preliminary discussion, we can use the information that you give us define the treatment.
After you have been informed about the progress, lie clothed on the massage table, close your eyes and enjoy in quiet meditation music and gedämftem light treatment.
During treatment, we put our hands without pressure on certain body positions and incorporated the Reiki energy. The Reiki energy they can perceive as follows: vibrate as light, tingling, throbbing, warmth or cold. After treatment, they remained for a short time lie and let them linger. To be followed by a conversation where you can discuss the experience with and when you want.
Reiki is a natural energy that surrounds us, we breathe it at all possible for us to live. Reiki is omnipresent, everywhere at once, not physically bound. Reiki is spiritual energy that is pure divine light energy.
Reiki is energy work, with the healer directs the natural life energy in the body of the person seeking healing. It blockages and self-healing enabled, which everyone actually has infinitely, which can be blocked by specific mental and physical living conditions but so that the organism is not able to activate it sufficiently.
Reiki can normalize glandular and organ functions, each cell is supplied with fresh life impulses, stress and tension are reduced. Body, mind and soul in healthy harmony.
Regular Reiki treatments are sometimes advisable to obtain and maintain good health can.
Reiki supports healing therapies and processes of any kind, in people of all ages.


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