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Proper nutrition makes a significant contribution, to feel good and stay healthy. Thus, the conscious selection of the right foods supports physical health. Furthermore, food is an enjoyable affair that can have a positive effect on the psyche.
Thus, a healthy diet is possible, some principles should be observed. Thus, the body should be provided with sufficient fluid to prevent physical deficiencies. Furthermore, the daily diet should include several servings of fruits and vegetables. Thus, the body is supplied with sufficient nutrients. Grain products such as pasta, bread, rice and cereals provide energy. Milk and milk products support a healthy diet. They provide the human body with an ideal calcium. Since milk and milk products but also usually have a higher fat content, they should be enjoyed in small quantities. As a rule of thumb it can be stated that food should be eaten every day from all food groups. This ensures that the body is sufficiently supplied by all important nutrients. Furthermore, proper nutrition supports a healthy body weight. People who want to lose weight, reduce weight through a combination of healthy food and regular exercise. The appropriate selection of foods helps in saving calories.
When choosing healthy foods the person's age, personal taste, personal desires, physical activity and health-related condition should be considered. This individuality to a healthy diet is illustrated by some examples. Thus, children prefer other foods as adults. Your taste buds are much more sensitive, so they should be included in the diet. With positive taste experiences they can be used early in a healthy diet. Seniors, however, have a different energy needs than younger people, which operate mostly stronger physically. People with weight problems and ill need to consider other diet rule. The same counts for pregnant women. There are also people who prefer a vegetarian diet. Therefore, a healthy diet should be adapted to the personal needs and desires.
Therefore, a healthy diet satisfies various functions and is more than just nutrients and calories. They should be viewed holistically: - The human body is to be supplied with all the nutrients that are important for a healthy survival. - A healthy diet is designed to protect against health problems, which may include elevated blood lipids, obesity, heart disease, age sugar, tooth decay, stroke and cancer are different. - The healthy diet should provide pleasure and fulfill social functions. It can be used for joint dinners, parties and family gatherings. - Flavors are to be realized through healthy food, so they have a positive effect on the psyche.


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