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The hot stone massage, a hot stone massage is a form of massage Asian origin that allows for pleasant relaxation as well as a harmonious union of body and mind. After the hot stone massage, patients experience a completely new feeling and feel mental clarity. It will stimulate the energy centers of the body.
Special basalt stones are heated in water bath at about 60 ° C. Meanwhile, the body is rubbed with warm oil and drawn with a brush power lines along the spine to the feet. Now, more hot stones are placed on the body, so that they can then fully develop their healing properties. Since the previously heated basalt stones can store a surprisingly long time heat, this heat also penetrates into the deeper regions of the body.
But the hot-stone massage relieves not only tension, it also stimulates the blood circulation, resulting in increased cellular activity and thus vermehrtem oxygen and nutrient exchange. The body is thus freed of toxins. The venous outflow is increased, the lymphatic system is activated. The energy cycle is harmonized, blockages dissolve and energy is released back. The hot stone massage also has a positive effect on the psyche and thus provides physical, mental and spiritual harmony.


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