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At Acu-taping elastic bandages are stuck to the skin areas to be treated. The goal is to treat disorders of muscle and joint function, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to help.
Aku-Taping is based on the combination of acupuncture and manual medicine. Special stretchable taping (without drugs) are applied in the course of the acupuncture meridians. Through the everyday movements is a gentle stimulation of the meridians, which should help to relieve pain.
Due to the stretchable tapes that adhere firmly over the duration of the treatment of the skin, it comes with movement of the muscles and joints to a permanent irritation of the tissues located under the tape, which the body's defenses and drainage of metabolic waste stimulates dynamic. The effect of Acu-taping includes pain relief, improved muscle contraction and mobility, improved circulation and stimulation of the immune system.
Acu-taping usually brings relief or even cure of acute and chronic conditions including on the head, neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and Achilles tendon. Acu-taping is also used successfully in athletes in amateur and professional sports.


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